Q. Are you a coffee shop?

Yes, but we are not a NORMAL coffee shop! We are a Whole Sale manufacturing facility, where you can get a FREE tasting, a tour of the roasting area or the museum! Link to our wi-fi and sit a spell or come to an event. 


Please stop by and see us! You can tour the place, buy a pound or two of your favorite coffee and more! Plus, we do free roasting tours every Saturday at 11 AM!

see the "Events at the Roastery" tab for more information.

Q. Which Coffee Blend Should I Choose?

A. We offer several different varieties of Kona blends and 100% Kona. All of our coffees are smooth without a bitter bite. They are roasted full city (med-dark) to compliment the Kona coffee. They are also available in K-cups for single-cup brewers. Which blend? Here are our recommendations.

-Swahili Six-Gun (Kenya/Kona blend): Our boldest option with dark cocoa and stone fruit notes. It's great for pour overs, cold brew and drip (coffee pot). It's our most popular blend. Look for the bag with the six-shooters on it!

-Honduran Honky-Tonk (Honduran/Kona blend): Our medium strength coffee with cinnamon and buttery notes. It works great for pour overs, drip (coffee pot) and more. Look for the bag with the cowboy on it!

-Bombay Bluebonnet (India (Monsoon Malabar)/Kona Blend): Our mild and sweet blend has milk chocolate and earthy notes. It works best for espresso, cafe au lait and french press. It always pairs well with milk or cream. Look for the bag with the elephants on it!

-Costa Rican Campfire (Costa Rican Decaf/Kona Decaf Blend): Our customers love our decaf Kona blend and most can't tell it's decaf! It has great cedar and smoky notes. Look for the bag with the campfire on it!

-Classic 100% Kona: The smoothest and lowest acidity coffee we offer. Our Kona is known for it's smoothbuttery and caramel notes. It works great for french press, pour over and more.  It's 100% Kona (not a blend) and certified by the state of Hawaii. We bring the green bean from Kona to Texas to roast it so we can get it to you as fresh as possible. Look for the square bag with the angel on it!

-Lone Star Blend (Costa Rica/Kona): Our House Blend is designed for drip. There's a nice smokey profile with a roasted almond and maple syrup finish.

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