TexaKona Coffee Lodge is NOW OPEN!

Located in Van Alstyne, just right up 75 from our roastery, we are serving all of your Texakona Favorites and more! 

990 w. Van Alstyne parkway

Van Alstyne, TX 

(Connected to the Lone Star gas station) 

Check out there website by clicking the logo above!

For those of you who look for our coffee flag to see that we are open, the city of McKinney has asked we not use it. Please take note of our newly updated hours on Facebook or google or call our shop 214-778-5662 . We flagged so many visitors with that flag! We will miss flappy the flag! Hope to see you soon.

TexaKona Coffee donates 80 pounds of coffee to Hurricane Harvey victims:

Manufacturer brings focus to the donation of tangible goods over money

MCKINNEY, Sept. 4, 2017 – McKinney based coffee roaster wholesaler, TexaKona Coffee, donated 80 pounds of its coffee to aid those living in shelters after Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas.


“We at TexaKona want to provide neighbors in the coastal regions of Texas with some semblance of home, coffee in their cup,” Elaine Krazer, owner of TexaKona Coffee, believes respite from this tragedy will come in little things, over time.

“You know when these people wake up in the morning, they aren’t getting their coffee from their coffee maker or in their own mug made by their kiddo,” said Krazer.

“Routines are one of the things that make life feel normal. While we know we can’t rebuild their homes, we want to do what we can to rebuild their feeling of being at home.”


Coffee has an impact on people and brings them closer together. It is one of the normalizing factors in day to day life that needs to be shared now more than ever.

“Coffee creates community,” said Krazer. “And our community needs to come together and do what we can to help in this unsettled atmosphere.”


Just as our First Fridays program offers free hot coffee each month to first responders, we offer this coffee to first responders and those hurt by this disaster.

We at TexaKona Coffee are trying to provide our neighbors with our best so they can get back on their feet. TexaKona coffee is Hawaiian grown and Texas roasted to make it an All-American product.


We want those who have lost everything to know that everyone is wanting to do all they can to help them. From here at home to across the Pacific Ocean, we are all neighbors no matter the distance.


We hope that providing our best coffee inspires others to help their neighbors and bring their best to the table when they need it most. There is so much that everyone can do and there is so much still to be done, but no one is in this alone.



*TexaKona Coffee are Kona and Kona Blend coffees produced by Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co, LLC in McKinney, Texas. TexaKona coffee can be purchased at their roastery, online or at Central Markets statewide. Taste their coffee at the roastery 3103 N McDonald St. Coming soon, TexaKona Coffee Lodge, Van Alstyne.

TexaKona Coffee is in Central Market:

Finding TexaKona just got a whole lot easier 

Our products can now be found in Central Market at their Plano location!